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Project Description

Ever had the problem that you needed to recreate the User Profile Service Application's (UPA) profile database in your SharePoint 2010 farm? For example because the database got corrupt or turned out you have done something unsupported (ex.: and Microsoft Technical Support requested you to create a new one?

This can be a pain as the user profiles and the social information is strictly tied together. The link between the Taxonomy/Foksonomy and the profile database is the RecordId in the UserProfileFull table of the ProfileDB_. Now the thing is that the RecordId is incremented automatically and you have to make sure that there profiles are added in the very same order as in the original profile database.

This tool will give you the opportunity to achieve your goal.

The tool will copy the AccountName and RecordID of the profiles from the source UPA to the destination UPA. Then you can use the User Profile Replication Engine (UPRE: to transfer the other information between the UPAs.

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