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How to use the ProfileIDReplicator tool

The tool transfers the profile information from one UPA to the other using the default service application association between web applications. As such, I suggest using the below action plan. (I am assuming that there is a working UPA associated to the source web applicatoin.)

Important notice

Do not use the tool if you have problems with the FQDN vs. NETBIOS domain name differency. The tool will not be able to fix this for you and will consider these accounts as non-existent.

For example:
  • FQDN =
  • Username in profile store: SUBDOMAIN\user
  • Correct username would be: SDOM\user

Suggested action plan:
  1. Create a backup of the old SocialDB. (Use this backup when you create a new UPA.)
  2. Create a new User Profile Application and do not put it into the Default proxy group.
  3. Create a new web application and choose only the UPA you created in point one.
  4. Open an elevated command prompt.
  5. Run the ProfileIDReplication with the below parameters
    • -source : This is the web application that is associated with the UPA holding the original profiles.
    • -destination : This is the new web application that is associated with the target UPA.
    • -dummyuser : The account that will be used as a placeholder in the new UPA.
ProfileIDReplicator -source -destination http://spsserver:81 -dummyuser contoso\testuser

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